High Max Temperatures in Peninsular West Coast to Continue

The last week of December saw record high Max Temperatures in Peninsular West Coast being observed over many places in the region.  Slightly to the North in Gujarat Surat, Ahmedabad saw highest December temperatures of all time being set at times while Mumbai saw record high temperature on New Year eve.

While indeed some bit of abnormal warming has happened over parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat, south of 15N mostly the region undergoes a sort of second summer spell at this time of the year.  Day time Max Temperatures in Peninsular West Coast is around 35° during the post monsoon season thanks to the winds blowing from the land into the West Coast (similar to the high day time temperatures which Chennai sees around July / August).


During this time of the year the highest day time temperatures for the entire country is recorded in the Peninsular West Coast particularly between Konkan and Central Kerala. This is indicated by the temperature anomaly charts for the day with pretty much entire coastal region having normal temperatures while it is the interior places that is having abnormally higher day time temperature.  High Max Temperatures in Peninsular West Coast is par for course at this time of the year 

Parts of Maharashtra & Gujarat saw record Max Temperatures due to abnormally high temperatures over Central / North Indian Sub Continent.  During day time warmer winds from these locales flowed into the coastal region increasing the day time temperatures at few places.  Since the turn of new year the last couple of days have seen the max temperature easing over Maharashtra & Gujarat with coastal Karnataka region becoming the hottest places in the country.


The situation is expected to continue for the next few days with most of Coastal areas seeing temperatures around 35°C or slightly above.  A few places in Andhra & Telengana could also see higher than normal temperature today with a few places around the Telenganara / Rayalseema / North Karnataka tri junction seeing high day time temperatures.

Most parts of East Coast of Peninsular India is expected to see day time temperatures around a comfortable 30°C with night time temperatures in the interiors around NW India dipping to about 16°C.  The coastal region could see the night time temperatures drop around 20°C at a few places.