Heavy Rains to persist over parts of Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

It is not often one gets to see Long Term models consistently pick things well in advance. It’s even more rare to see the real like events panning out in a very similar manner to what long term models have been consistently indicating.

Northeast monsoon 20-21 has been one such season with the long term outputs more than one month in advance picking up the current spell of rains over Tamil Nadu though they are as unseasonal as Chennai seeing a sub 10°C winter day. One of the reasons why this Northeast Monsoon has been interesting for weather bloggers was the behaviour of long term models.

Now on the regular weather front the current spell of heavy rains are likely to continue today as well over Delta and South TN areas with rains extending till tomorrow before coastal areas see a gradual reduction in the rains. Few places along the coast could see very heavy spell of rains due to wind convergence. As far as North Tamil Nadu to the north of Pondicherry may see at best light rains or passing showers as we get ready to bid adieu to Northeast Monsoon for year.