Heavy Rains in Chennai, good chance for another spell today as well

In what was the heaviest spell of rains in Chennai since the start of the Southwest Monsoon this year many areas of Chennai was lashed by intense thunderstorms yesterday evening which continued till early morning today.  Anna Nagar, Perambur, Nungambakkam, Puzhal all got near cloud burst like conditions as rains in Chennai brought back memories of December 1st last year with water logging in many areas in these places. Not often you see Rains in Chennai during Southwest Monsoon season bring water logging issues in main roads.


As we mentioned a couple of days back, putting an expectation on the day after good thunderstorms is always tricky particularly when the remnant thunderstorms linger around till early morning like today.  Models estimate a fairly unstable day in North Tamil Nadu in terms of atmospheric conditions.  Another point that is likely to go in favor of rains in North TN is yesterday’s storm pattern which formed much closer to the coast under the influence of sea breeze front allowing for better conditions in the interior places around 100 – 150 kms from the coast where the unstable atmospheric conditions could trigger evening convective thunderstorms.

With supporting wind pattern we are likely to see a good probability of rains in Chennai today as well from the storms that are likely to move from the interior areas a little further away from the coast.  With conditions falling in place we could see one or two places around Chennai get moderate to heavy rains once again today as well.


Under the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation that is lingering around the Maldives area we could possibly see one or two places in Coastal Kerala / Karnataka get heavy rains with fair chance of some of the catchment areas of Kaveri also getting decent rains. Today we are likely to see a few places around Pudukottai / Sivaganga region get moderate to heavy convective thunderstorms continuing the trend of good rains in the region for the past week or so.