Heavy Rains likely in a few places over South Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

பாரி பாரி என்றுபல ஏத்தி
ஒருவற் புகழ்வர் செந்நாப் புலவர்
பாரி ஒருவனும் அல்லன்
மாரியும் உண்டு ஈண்டு உலகுபுரப் பதுவே. – புறநானூறு 107 “புலவர் பலரும் பாரி ஒருவனையே புகழ்கிறார்கள். ஆனால், இவ்வுலகைக் காப்பதற்கு பாரி மட்டுமல்லாமல் மாரியும் உண்டு”

Ancient Tamil literature has never been short of references to the importance of Rains to Mankind. In the opening quote of today’s post is by the famous Kabilar who uses Deceitful Praise (வஞ்சகபுகழ்ச்சி) to not just praise the King Pari, known for his benevolence but also Rains as well. It is not a surprise to understand our ancestors were not only well aware of how nature worked but also realized mankind was just a small speck in the overall Canvas by nature.

The Monsoon dynamics just once again reiterates the same in a different manner. While whole of Tamil Nadu prays & awaits a good NEM 2020 role of large scale global factors cannot be ignored on how the monsoon dynamics evolve. For example Indian Ocean currently is seeing the influence of one tropical wave in the form of Equatorial Rossby wave while we await for another one, the more critical MJO, to arrive for our Monsoon Season to pick up pace. The current phase of ER wave has favored Southern Hemisphere where a Tropical Cyclone is likely to evolve soon.

While the presence of Equatorial Rossby wave may have not yet triggered a tropical disturbance to the North of Equator yet it could help in enhancing the rains over South TN for the next couple of days. Weather models indicate few places could see moderate to heavy rains today in the region. The east facing places along the Western Ghats over Dindigul, Madurai & Virudhunagar dts normally benefit when monsoon winds are from ENE which is likely to be the case today.

Crucially a lot of coastal stretch to the South of Mahabalipuram which has been missing out a proper spell of rains since the “Onset of NEM” more than two weeks back could finally catch up a spell or two of rains today bringing relief to the people. Chennai & suburbs may see on & off spells of rains in the morning hours with occasional intense burst in a few areas