Heat Wave Alert for North Tamil Nadu

Intense Heat Wave Conditions have gripped large parts of Tamil Nadu with the Northern parts of the state suffering more under the relentless afternoon Sun.  While some places like Chennai had a marginal respite in the form of slight reduction of temperatures places like Tiruttani recorded 45.5°C in what is likely to be the first 45 degrees for a place in Tamil Nadu in many years.  Things dont look any better with numerical model outputs indicating strengthening Westerlies under the influence of the trough running along the East Coast of Peninsular India from Andhra Pradesh to South Coastal Tamil Nadu

Due to unfavorable wind pattern we are likely to see most of the places come firmly under the grip of Northwesterly Winds and less influence of Sea Breeze till late afternoon.  While Models indicate the coastal areas to see some impact by the sea breeze after 1 PM it is likely to be weak and possibly make things worse for a very hot and humid evening.

In order to provide a clearer picture on how things would like to pan out today we have put out a temperature chart along with peak heat wave period so that our regular observers can take adequate precautions.  We have given an indicative max temperature band taking into account what Models are estimating and possible Heat Island Effect as well in urban areas.  There could be a slight possibility that we could have been a tad conservative on the heat front, this is on account of not wanting to create too much panic.

Nevertheless going by how models are indicating things to evolve today it is going to be a day of intense heat wave for North Tamil Nadu with no escape for even places like Chennai.  It is a fair possibility today Chennai could see one of the hottest days in the past decade if the pattern of actual temperatures being a couple of degrees higher compared to model estimates.  Models are indicating Humidity to be around 30 – 35% once again today indicating the possible dryness in conditions.

Stay Safe, Keep Drinking Water, Avoid going out between 11:00 AM & 3:00 PM unless and until it is an emergency / absolute necessity for you.

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