Heat is the Name of the Game in Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

As we get into the second fortnight of April, Summer is inevitable in Tamil Nadu with only the intensity the question rather than will it. Yesterday places like Tiruttani, Vellore, Dharmapuri saw a spike in temperatures with Tiruttani seeing its hottest day of the year so far recording 39°C while the neighbouring Vellore once again touched 38 after more than 3 weeks.

This spike in temperatures were picked up by models well with another hot day being estimated once again today over large parts of the state. Once again places about 50 kms to the West of Chennai like Tiruvallur, Arakkonam & Kanchipuram is likely to see temperatures inch closer to 39°C. Parts of Namakkal & Erode districts are likely to be the hottest parts of Tamil Nadu with isolated places touching 40°C in this region. The temperatures are likely to show an increasing trend over the week with possibly weekend seeing the peak from the current spell.

The increasing heat quotient is also a reflection of weakening Easterlies which creates thunderstorm activity for parts of Interior Peninsular India. Yesterday saw parts of Bengaluru record light to moderate rains after nearly two weeks. Today also numerical models indicate parts of Interior Karnataka & Telangana along with places in Kerala are likely to see thunderstorm activity. As far as Tamil Nadu goes West Interior TN could see isolated thunderstorm activity along with one or two places in South Tamil Nadu along the Western Ghats.