Roughly 37 yeas back, Andhra Pradesh was struck by a Category 4 Cyclone, an event that possibly was the most referred to Cyclone in AP prior to the landfall of Hudhud in Vizag last month.  For a state that has seen its fair share of Cyclonic Storms over the years it is an understatement to say Diveseema Uppena gives shivers to old timers especially from the fertile Krishna Delta region.


The Diviseema island was hit by storm surge that raised to almost 6 metres submerging the island and killing peoples in thousands. The town of Avanigadda was battered beyond recognition and was hit by tidal waves from the storm.  About 100 villages were marooned or washed away by the cyclonic storms and the ensuing floods and a total of 10,841 killed or missing, and 34 lakh rendered homeless.

Some gut wrenching images from this cyclone taken from,

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