Farewell Cool Spell for North Tamil Nadu

With the passing of Maha Shivratri old people talk of changing weather.  North of India sees the biting cold reduce from this period as it sees a transition towards warmer days.

Similarly south of India sees warmer days as a precursor to the summer.  Peninsular India has seen the day time temperature touching around 35 degrees in a few places.  Night time temperatures have been hovering around 22 degrees in coastal areas and 20 degrees in the interior places.

As a farewell gift North Tamil Nadu is expected to see one final cool spell this weekend with the nighttime minimum temperatures expected to touch around 20 for coastal areas while interior places like Vellore, Arakkonam etc could see temperatures around 17 degrees.  This is thanks to the marginal low level High that is expected to prevail over the Peninsular India around the weekend.

Lets enjoy the last bit of winter spell before the hottest season of Chennai shows up its face.

In other news South Bay could see the development of a strong UAC in the next couple of days though its not expected to provide any major rains to Tamil Nadu.96hgfs_700wind