Faint chance of Isolated Rains in Tamil Nadu amidst Hot & Dry weather

While Rains in Tamil Nadu continue to stay away since the turn of August the last few days have seen Westerlies dominate the weather pattern for the state.  Yesterday saw one of the hottest days in the last couple of weeks as both the observatories in Chennai crossed 37 degrees for the firs time since 16th July.  The pretty much non existent sea breeze aggravated the situation as even at 8 PM in the night the temperatures were staying around 33 / 34 degrees indicating the strength of Westerlies.

Today is likely to be another hot day as well for Tamil Nadu with one or two places staying closer to 38 / 39 degrees while North TN also sees a blustery day in the coastal areas. The only respite could be the possible onset of sea breeze in the evening which could cool down things and possibly trigger some isolated rains in Tamil Nadu particularly around the coastal region.


In the meanwhile the monsoon dynamics have been working overtime over Central India with the pattern of dual low pressure systems continuing to feed & recirculate moisture over the region.  Parts of Central & West India are likely to see heavy to very heavy rains in the region.   Particularly around Gujarat, South Rajasthan & West Madhya Pradesh we could see some heavy rains and localized flooding is a real possibility as well.


West Coast will continue to see heavy rains particularly around the Ghat regions of Maharashtra where the heavy spells of rains have continued since the turn of August.  Already places like Kitvade, Mahableshwar & Lamaj have crossed 150 cms for August alone while few places in the Poladpur Taluk has recorded rains close to 100 cms in August.  Mumbai could see spells of on and off rains through the day though it appears the heavier rains will be slightly to the West in the Shahyadri ranges of Maharashtra.


There is some chance of the arrival of sea breeze triggering some isolated rains over parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu.  Particularly around the Delta region the probability seems higher though places near Chennai could see one or two isolated thunderstorms later in the evening as the sea breeze makes its entry around 4 PM in the North Coastal TN.  These spells of rains could be mostly passing showers or at max of light to moderate intensity and no widespread rains in Tamil Nadu are expected as things stand.