Fading UAC’c parting gift, Rains for Chennai & Tamil Nadu

The last few days has seen rains for most parts of Tamil Nadu thanks to the UAC over Arabian Sea that was expected to descend to a low.  Thanks to not so conducive conditions the Low did not materialize, the UAC is now expected to fade away for the next couple of days.

This fading UAC as its parting gift is expected to provide rains for Chennai & Tamil Nadu.


Over the weekend Chennai and most parts of TN could receive few spells of rains.  The possibility of heavier rains is better for the interior districts.  Having said that Sunday morning sees the best chance for Chennai to have its last spell of rains before summer sets in when the UAC is expected to move along close to Chennai and the trough line is expected to pass slightly south of Chennai.  While Saturday could see some late evening  spells of rains, Sunday morning could see some heavy spells of rains for Chennai.


Tamil Nadu could have one good spell of rain tomorrow and day after before the UAC effect starts to fade away until a possible low happens in Bay which is for another day.