Fading UAC Chennai Rains – So near yet so far

Yesterday Chennai under the influence saw cloudy weather right  through with on and off spells of rains in a few areas.  The temperature did not go through beyond 31 degrees and was pleasant right through, a welcome relief from Summer.

While it was expected there would be some more rains in store for North Coastal Tamil Nadu the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation was steered further North than expected.  Coastal AP especially Krishna & Godavari districts got the maximum benefit through heavy rains at many places yesterday till the evening.


Additionally the North Movement has robbed the UAC of convection as well being after being disconnected from cross equatorial moisture flow and possibly getting closer to the Dry environments of Central India.


As things stand chances of heavy spells of rains have receded for Chennai Rains due to synoptic conditions.  While we do not want to be the bearer of bad news always there is a possibility of some thundershowers towards the evening from the West.  This possibility would  materialize only if there is a cloud free day over the interior places of South Interior AP & adjoining parts of Tamil Nadu as heat will potentially be the trigger for these thunderstorms.


Additionally the convergence zone that was slightly north of Chennai could potentially be closer to Chennai giving us the instability needed for rains.