Evolving Low Pressure in Bay to bring back Rains

An evolving Low Pressure in Bay near Coastal Andhra Pradesh could finally bring an end to the abnormal spell of heat North Tamil Nadu has been facing since the turn of August. This could also bring back the rains to most parts of Peninsular India including Coastal Tamil Nadu.  Already parts of Andhra Pradesh & Telengana has received moderate rains with the coastal stretch to the south of Vijayawada enjoying the benefits as well.


Currently as an Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation lying off the coast of Andhra Pradesh this could evolve in to a Low Pressure in Bay around the West Central area by today in all likely hood.  Depending on how further the Low in Bay forms away from the coast there is a possibility of it intensifying before moving inland and merging with the monsoon trough.  This could possibly create good rainfall opportunities to the East Coast of Peninsular India over the next couple of days with some places in Coastal Andhra Pradesh expected to record up to 10 cms rains over the weekend.


Like yesterday many places in Coastal Andhra is expected to see rains today as well while parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu is also likely to see rains.  With supportive wind pattern in the form of an ideal location for the Low genesis one or two places in North Tamil Nadu could see moderate to heavy showers as well for the 24 hours ending tomorrow morning.

Chennai is likely to see cloudy start to the day with light passing showers in a few areas likely, we could possibly see one or two spells of rains during the day with temperature showing a marked reduction over the last few days.  Since the winds at Mid Troposphere level (500 hPa) is from the east we could possibly see some rains coming in like Northeast Monsoon days and this will also play a role in keeping the temperature under check.