End Game on For Cyclone Nada

While entire Tamil Nadu has been eagerly awaiting the impact of Cyclone Nada, the end game is already on for the system as it has started to loose intensity due to unfavorable conditions and inherently poor organization that has been bogging the system from the beginning of its journey as “Cyclone Nada” since about 24 hours back.


Though the system has got a good outflow a combination of high Vertical Wind Shear and possible dry air intrusion from the North has meant the system has started going through its end game in the short journey so far.  Just like its predecessor Cyclone Kyant in North Bay in no time Cyclone Nada is also likely to become a skeleton of its former self and wash ashore Coastal Tamil Nadu between late night of December 1st and midnight of 2nd December.


The most active rainy spell for Tamil Nadu is likely to be between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM of 1st December as the remnants of Cyclone Nada comes closer to coastal Tamil Nadu while still retaining some convection to provide moderate spells of rains over many parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu.


South Coastal Tamil Nadu is likely to see the heaviest spells of rains with the stretch between Ramanathapuram and Nagappattinam seeing the best spell of rain from Cyclone Nada. Overall moderate rains are mostly expected in other places of Central & South TN till about 100 kms or so from the coast.  A few places in North Tamil Nadu could get moderate rains as the system comes close but the widespread heavy rains are unlikely in Chennai and surrounding places.

Overall we could possibly see a windy system cross ashore with squally weather while the rains may not match the expectation of the people of Tamil Nadu who have been at their wits end with the poor monsoon this year.