Easterly Winds continue to moderate Chennai Weather

Chennai Weather continues to be moderated by the Easterly winds keeping the temperature under check.  While the Southerlies bring the spike in temperature during early part of the day the surface level Easterlies have been coming back around noon to keep the temperatures under check unlike last week when the Westerlies dominated till the afternoon spiking the temperatures.


Temperatures went up marginally across Tamil Nadu yesterday with the interiors seeing about a degree increase compared to Wednesday.  Vellore though scorched up to 40.9 a good 3 degrees compared to the previous day.


Things are expected to be similar today as well as wind pattern is expected to be the same like yesterday.  The surface level HPA over Bay of Bengal continues to dominate the coastal region including Chennai Weather.  This Southerlies are expected to be active during the early part of the day after which fairly strong winds from the sea will set in around noon to moderate the temperature pattern.  Interiors of Tamil Nadu though will continue to have a hot day with temperatures expected to be around 39 / 40 degrees at most places.

Under the influence of the Line of Wind Discontinuity we are likely to see some rains over Coastal Andhra & adjoining Odisha.  Bangladesh and Northeast will see another day of isolated heavy rains with possible hailstorms in one or two places.


Very similar temperatures expected today as well across most places compared to yesterday.  Chennai will see a day time high of around 37 degrees with the suburbs hotter by a degree or two.