Easterlies provide rains to South Tamil Nadu

Strong easterlies have initiated rains over South Tamil Nadu after a short break of a few days.  A combination of LWD in the bay and UAC over Comorin Sea has provided a fresh impetus to moisture incursion into the southern peninsula triggering heavy rains at one or two places in Kanyakumari district.

This is expected to continue for another couple of days while the Easterlies provide decent moisture.


Today could also see some severe Norwester influenced Thunderstorms over East India with a fair chance of today’s IPL match getting impacted by rains over Kolkata.

In other news for a change Northern Tamil Nadu could be the beneficiary of westerly influenced rains middle of next week, while it is too early to say with assurance this event is a certainty we will keep a close watch on the developments so that bloggers can be provided some good news after a few dry months for us.