Easterlies keep NEM 2019 ticking

Weather Update
Reading Time: 2 minutes

While most weather bloggers get carried away by Planetary waves like MJO, ER, CCKW etc sometimes its the underrated weather factors like Easterly Tropical waves that go about doing their jobs without any fuss. To give a footballing analogy for all the attacking riches the Galacticos of Real Madrid during the early years of this millenium it was the underrated Xabi Alonsos’ & Claude Makaleles’ that kept the game ticking with their simple football intelligence.

Many a time it is these Easterlies that is an unsung hero over the Bay of Bengal. Currently they have been ticking the NEM 2019 scorecard with good spell of rains seen over many coastal areas of Tamil Nadu. Many places in the Northern parts of Delta districts saw good rains last night while the morning radar update from Karaikal indicate southern parts of Delta and the adjoining areas of South TN is likely to see moderate to heavy rains during the morning hours of today.

The Equatorial Indian Ocean along the Southwest Arabian Sea is showing a Low Pressure like conditions as per Weather charts while there is a weak lower level trough off the Sumatra coast. Though weather models do not indicate any MJO influence over the Indian Ocean it appears there is a weak MJO influence seen over the Central parts of Indian Ocean. It could enhance the effect of Easterlies thereby improving the rainfall prospects for Tamil Nadu over the next few days.

The next few days promises to be the best spell of NEM 2019 season so far, let us sit back & enjoy what ever nature offers to us.