Early Morning Rains in Chennai, Shape of things to come!!!

In a welcome development early morning rains in Chennai of light to moderate intensity was recorded in many areas.  The interior places of Tamil Nadu & adjoining areas of South AP & Karnataka recorded another day of widespread rains with heavy rains in many places for almost a week now.   Yesterday has seen parts of Vellore & Tiruvannamalai district recording heavy rains.  In adjoining South AP, Chittoor district has recorded very heavy rains with many places in and around Tirupati & Renigunta receiving more than 1o cms of overnight rains.   Weather_Update_1

Numerical Models indicate possibly another day of good rains for most of South India with once again the interior regions enjoying the best spells.  The region around 13N latitude starting from Bangalore till about Tiruvallur and bounded possibly by about 100 kms to the North & South will once again be primed to record thunderstorms today with heavy thunderstorms likely in a few places.  The atmospheric instability remains once again conducive for thunderstorms in the region though the only word of caution would be whether the heat induced convection could happen thanks to the early morning thunderstorms across most parts of Peninsular India all the way from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu Coast.


We think the rains could still happen later in the day / evening and possibly continue into the night as what could be a loss of radiation could be compensated by the trough that is extending right through the middle of Peninsular India and has strengthened up to 1.5 kms above MSL from 0.9 kms for the last couple of days.  The steering winds have been poor for Coastal Tamil Nadu so far, yesterday was expected to show some improvement which possibly got delayed until today morning resulting in the early  morning rains in Chennai.  This possibly is an indication of the change in fortune for Coastal Tamil Nadu as possibly rains in Chennai becomes a more likely thing tonight.