Dry Weather to provide relief to Chennai from Rains

Yesterday Morning when we posted “Rains will slow down” we were alone & possibly looked foolish also to say relief to Chennai from Rains is on the cards.  People questioned us when IMD announced a new trough and possibly heavy to very heavy rains likely over Coastal TN for the next 48 hours. Like Abhimanyu we stood all alone after breaking the Chakravyug of Rains.

But it appears unlike the Abhimanyu of Mahabharat we got support from others like AccuWeather & BBC etc who started saying there could relief to Chennai from rains.  It is not easy to stick your neck out and say it will stop raining particularly in the current context. We are happy and proud that we had the courage to do that and give that comfort to our fellow Chennaiates.


Northeast Monsoon Update: While the Low Pressure continues to exist over Comorin Sea the likely influence area for this could possibly extend over the Coastal Areas south of Marakkanam.  In all probability we could see the rain bands restrict to possibly South TN and parts of Interior Tamil Nadu.  West coast along the coast of Kerala and parts of the high ranges could get some rains as well under the influence of this Low Pressure Area. In the days to come the rain bands would further move down in Latitude and possibly parts of South TN and delta areas around Nagappattinam could be getting rains in the later days of this week.  There is a possibility of some rains around  mid week for Chennai possibly on account of  moisture incursion which as things stand looks less probable we will continue to monitor it and provide early updates on the same.


Chennai Weather Update: Under the influence of an evolving High Pressure over Central India which we highlighted yesterday it is the time for Dry Weather to give Relief to Chennai.  Though it is going to be fairly clear weather today there could be a possibility of one or two isolated thunderstorms that could happen but further on from tomorrow