Dry Weather to prevail over Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

After the unseasonal heavy rains over parts of Tamil Nadu which has once again created trouble for many farmers who were on the verge of completing their harvest cycle, particularly in South TN dry weather is likely to prevail over the next couple of weeks or so over the state & rest of South India.

A look at the wind charts indicate pseudo LWD conditions showing up at lower levels along the Western Ghats. In the coming days as the LWD conditions start to persist over altitudes around 1.5 kms ASL & more we may start seeing the start of proper Mango Showers or Pre Summer Thunderstorms the west coast states of Kerala & Karnataka. Slowly we will start seeing the wind regime make efforts to undergo the seasonal shift as it gets ready for the Indian Summer Monsoon.

But before that summer has to check in over the Indian Sub Continent. Regular weather watchers know its the Peninsular West Coast & South Tamil Nadu areas that see the increase in temperatures first. Weather models indicate the coming couple of weeks to see day time maximum temperatures over many parts of Tamil Nadu to remain couple of degrees above normal.