Dry Weather in Tamil Nadu to continue with above normal temperatures

This week weather in Tamil Nadu has been hot making many wonder whether are we heading into monsoon & winter or the cycle has reversed and are we heading back into summer once again.  Karur & Dharmapuri set the hottest October day ever records a couple of days back.  Yesterday it was the turn of Palayamkottai (Tirunelveli) to set the record for hottest October day ever clocking a very high 39.8°C as maximum for the day.

Things are expected to continue in similar fashion as Southwest Monsoon continues to dither in its effort to retreat.  If on course the retreating Southwest Monsoon by this time would have started to trigger the evening thunderstorm activity over the interior Peninsular India due to wind discontinuity.  The absence of these thunderstorms is aggravated by pretty much dry atmospheric conditions that have been prevailing over Peninsular India making it summer like situation over most parts of the region.


Weather in Tamil Nadu is expected to stay hot and above normal across most parts of the state.  Once again parts of South Tamil Nadu could see few places around Tirunelveli record max temperature in the region of 39°C bringing no respite to the citizens of the area.  North Tamil Nadu could see marginally better conditions with interiors recording about 35 /36 degrees while places like Chennai could see temperatures in the region of 34 / 35 degrees.  The only solace for coastal areas is the sea breeze which shows up regularly these days and quite early as well thanks to the weak Westerlies.

Coastal Tamil Nadu could see some isolated convective thunderstorms around late evening / night but these are unlikely to be widespread.