Dry Weather in Tamil Nadu, possible Rains in East UP

Mostly dry weather in Tamil Nadu is likely to continue today as well with some isolated rains prospects in South TN.  It has been sometime now since Tamil Nadu has seen some decent rains with even South Tamil Nadu missing out on rains mostly this period.  This trend of dry weather is set to continue at least till this weekend when there is some possibility of South TN getting some wide spread rains around Kanyakumari district.

In the meanwhile Central & North India continues to get rains & thunderstorms under the influence of wind instability aided by the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation in the NW India.  7_3

Under this wind triggered instability aided by the incoming Western Disturbance that now lies over J&K today we could see some places in Eastern Uttar Pradesh get some thunderstorms and heavy rains.  One or two places could see hailstorms as well around the region of Varanasi / Allahabad.  The areas in Madhya Pradesh adjoining this region could also benefit from this rains.

In the meanwhile parts of Coastal Kerala and extreme South TN could see some rains in one or two places under the influence of the trough of Easterlies now lying off the West Coast.  These would be extremely isolated and possibly light showers mostly.


Weather in Tamil Nadu will remain mostly dry and warm except for the above mentioned possibility.   Interior places will see the day time temperatures peak around 35 / 36°C while coastal places will see temperature in the region of 33°C. This pattern of temperature is set to continue today and tomorrow with models indicating some increase in temperatures from Wednesday.