Dry Weather in Tamil Nadu, Marginal Reduction in Temperatures Expected

After a few days of wet weather in Tamil Nadu particularly around evenings yesterday saw mostly dry conditions prevail in the state.  Only parts of Cuddalore, Villupuram & Nagappattinam districts received rains in the state though these were extremely isolated if one ignores the Western Ghats region.  Lower Kothaiyar in Kanyakumari district recorded 30 mm yesterday while Kollidam in Nagappattinam district recorded 16 mm.  Only these two places had rains of moderate intensity while mostly it was light isolated rains in the state.


In Southwest Monsoon news parts of Madhya Pradesh has recorded flooding rains under the influence of a near stationary Well Marked Low that parked itself around Central India.  In a clear example of what a monsoon low could provide in terms of rains Satna has recorded more than 60 cms of rainfall in 3 days with many places recording in excess of 15 cms during the last 3 days.  Satna has recorded more than 2 times of its July rainfall during this period for the first week of July. Weather_Update_1

Weather in Tamil Nadu is likely to be closer to normal in terms of temperature with possibly only Tirunelveli & Thootukudi showing a marked higher than normal anomaly for max temperature.   North TN could see a few places end up with marginally lower than normal temperature which could be possibly influenced by slightly cloudy conditions during the day time.  Chennai could see temperatures peak at around 35 / 36 degrees today though sea breeze is going to be practically absent which could make it a very uncomfortable afternoon & evening.


In terms of rainfall expectations most parts of Tamil Nadu is expected to see dry weather except for places along the Western Ghats which could see isolated heavy spells in one or two areas.  Light isolated rains may be possible around the delta region with most other places seeing mostly dry weather conditions right through the day.