Dry Weather in Chennai to Continue, Isolated Heavy rains in South TN likely

The dry weather in Chennai that has been showing up for the last few days is expected to continue for a few more days in North Tamil Nadu.  The Trough of Low along the equator continues to persist though it appears it may not climb up the latitude as expected by the models.  Most parts of Sri Lanka has been receiving moderate to heavy showers over the last couple of days.  This is likely to continue today as well with one or two places in South Tamil Nadu particularly along the coastal stretch between Kanyakumari & Ramanathapuram in line for some spells of heavy rains or two.


Otherwise dry conditions are likely to prevail over most parts of the state with the exception of possibly some isolated rains in the Western Ghats around the Nilgiris district.  Weather in Chennai is likely to mirror an early winter day rather than a typical Northeast Monsoon day with moderately warm days and misty early mornings along with a nip in the air.

As things stand the rain prospects for Chennai does not look great till possibly middle of next week.  Though incoherent signal on MJO is possibly influencing the model outputs.  Nevertheless with MJO expected to arrive into Arabian Sea area in a day or two things could improve depending on how much strength it retains.