Dry Weather to continue over Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

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The last few days have seen day time temperatures rise across most parts of Tamil Nadu, though the night time temperatures have not dipped, the increasing day time temperatures are an indication of the overall dryness in the atmosphere. The Daily Rainfall Chart from IMD also shows the reduction in overall rains over Tamil Nadu for the past few days as winter starts showing up with a delay.

But the larger question now in the minds of many people or what about rains in January end & February first week. One will have to look at this question in the larger context of overall dynamics that now has clearly shifted towards Southern Hemisphere. As we get to the last few days of January things are the not the same as December or possibly early January when still there was some bit of support for possible rainfall episodes over Tamil Nadu.

In the coming days until Summer Thunderstorms slowly start happening through wind induced instabilities we will need a lot of things to fall in place with inch perfection for rainfall episodes to happen. So for weather watchers it is an interesting period to observe, understand & learn. For common people there is no reason to worry too much about unseasonal rains.