Dry Fortnight for Tamil Nadu on the cards

Thanks to the low pressure trough over the Bay many places in South Tamil Nadu and western interior Tamil Nadu received fairly good spells of rains.  On and off rains are expected today, though it would be more isolated and of lesser intensity compared to the weekend rains.

Post this its going to be pretty much a dry fortnight on the cards for most parts of Tamil Nadu.  Other than occasional Thunderstorm activity, driven by convection, rains from synoptic conditions are pretty much going to take a break during the second half of March.

There could be a possibility of an easterly wave around 1st week of April, that could be the next opportunity of widespread rains for Tamil Nadu.  As we often keep saying whether North Tamil Nadu has any chance will depend on the latitude of the easterly wave, its too early days though.gfs_apcpn_ind_40In the meanwhile expect increase in temperatures for most places of Tamil Nadu though with prevailing easterly conditions we are still some time away from really hot days.