Dry Cool Weather in Chennai to Continue

It is more than a month since Chennai last received rains with the weather in Chennai remaining dry since December 9th.  While it has been dry since December the weather in Chennai has become cool since the turn of the new year. The COMK AWS at Anna Nagar recorded its second sub 20°C today with the lowest dropping to 19.8°C .

This year has seen winter to be milder than most years thanks to the effect of El Nino and the lesser amount of Western Disturbances making its journey towards the Indian Sub Continent. Nevertheless since the start of January the temperatures have been closer to normal on an average compared to the December days.


Peninsular India will continue to see moderately warm day for most parts of the region though a few isolated pockets in Western Coast could see temperatures touch 35°C.   But compared to the last few days the spatial spread of places getting above 35°C will be very lesser indicating possibly the Winter becoming closer to Normal. In line with the overall trend except for isolated pockets in South TN most parts of Tamil Nadu will see closer to normal temperatures around 30°-32°C. Western Ghats will see pleasant days with temperatures unlikely to cross 25°C at most places.


Night time temperature is expected to be closer to normal across the region with coastal Kerala and Coastal TN the only exceptions in seeing minimum temperatures above 20°C.  Like yesterday parts of Arakku Valley could see sub 5°C night time temperature while Nilgiris range could mostly stick around 10°C.

Weather in Chennai is expected to be moderately warm during the day with temperatures expected to peak around 30°C while evenings are going to be pleasant with temperatures dropping fairly fast once sun goes down.   Night time weather in Chennai is expected to be fairly nippy with another day that could see the morning temperature dropping below 20°C around the suburbs.