Dry & Cool Conditions to persist over Tamil Nadu

Weather Update

The last couple of days have seen the IMD observatory at Meenambakkam record minimum temperatures in the low 20s as Northerly winds held sway over most parts of Peninsular India. Similarly temperatures have stayed low over other places of Tamil Nadu as well with only parts of South TN seeing some rains yesterday while most parts of the state saw dry conditions persist.

Weather models indicate the next couple of days to see similar conditions in terms of night time minimum temperatures staying a degree or two below normal over the state. Early next week promises some rains to return back over Tamil Nadu with the current depression over South China sea expected to drift west towards coastal TN.

A closer observation indicate weather models picking up the trend of further set of pulse coming in from South China sea though it appears most of it may trigger Easterly waves & associated rains along with it rather than trigger a strong organized disturbance like a Cyclone / Depression etc.