Dry Conditions to prevail over most parts of Tamil Nadu

It would not be an understatement to say the weather charts over Tamil Nadu resembles a late December day rather than a late November day when Northeast Monsoon is active.  Moisture along South Coastal Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka while rest of Peninsular India is under dry continental winds is not what you normally associate during peak Monsoon time around mid November.  But as things stand that’s how the charts look today.  Thanks to the struggling trough Sri Lanka and parts of extreme South Coastal Tamil Nadu alone is under the effect of moist Easterlies.


Thanks to the wind pattern a sort of Dry Air Boundary is prevailing over Tamil Nadu with places to the North seeing practically no monsoon while the places to the South seeing some sort of Monsoon conditions.  Unfortunately this boundary is low in the latitude making only parts of Thootukudi, Ramanathapuram and a bit of Delta districts is seeing rains while the rest of the state is possibly seeing winter like conditions and early morning Mist.


Most models have given up the current trough of low developing into anything meaningful with suppressed conditions prevailing.  MJO was expected to give an impetus to the Northeast Monsoon unfortunately it appears we will be seeing only a low amplitude short duration MJO wave over North Indian Ocean.  With ITCZ straddling the equator we could possibly see the influence of MJO in the low latitudes of Peninsular India making it an anxious wait for rest of the state looking forward to the rains.