Dry Chennai Weather set to continue

Dry Weather prevailed over most parts of Tamil Nadu except for some isolated thunderstorms in one or two places.  Chennai had a fairly clear day as well with the early sea breeze keeping temperature under check.

Southwest Monsoon Update: Except for the places surrounding the two disturbances in either of end of the Indian Sub Continent the rains have pretty much slowed down in most other places.  Parts of East India & the Himalayan region could get some spells of heavy rains thanks to the circulation over Bihar while a few places in NW India particularly around the J&K Region could get heavy spells of rains thanks to the interaction between the Low & WD over the region.


South India expected to have another practically dry day except for one or two places in the West Coast.  Extremely Isolated thunderstorms may happen towards the evening over the interior places of Rayalseema and South Karnataka.  The situation could improve towards Thursday / Friday.


Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Most parts of Tamil Nadu could see closer to average temperatures today except for one or two places in the Delta region and possibly surrounding Trichy.   Towards late evening isolated convective thunderstorms may happen over a few places in North TN

Chennai Weather Update: Another fairly dry day on the cards with partly cloudy skies in the afternoon.  Like yesterday today could also see early sea breeze keeping the temperature under check.  Day time temperature expected to settle around 35°C