Dry Chennai Weather set to continue as Bay Depression fades away

Last few days has seen Chennai Weather see dry winter like conditions prevail.  Similar pattern is set to continue for a couple of more days at the least as Bay of Bengal comes back to normal state.  The depression in North Bay has move ashore over Bangladesh coastline as a well marked low and is fading away in influence.  This could bring back the Easterly winds over Peninsular India in the next couple of days.


While we await Bay to come back to normal state day time temperatures are expected to stay above normal across most parts of Peninsular India.  In particular Rayalaseema and adjoining parts of North Interior Tamil Nadu are likely to see the highest anomalies in the region with maximum temperature set to be around 4 / 5 degrees above normal.  Things will ease on the temperature front once the Easterlies are back in sway which will bring some upper level moisture and thereby fall in temperatures.


The last 30 days Rainfall Anomaly chart tells the story of Northeast Monsoon 2016 with pretty much North Tamil Nadu & South Coastal Andhra the worst affected in terms of precipitation pattern recording less than 50% of the normal rains expected at this time of the year.  This makes the rest of the Northeast Monsoon period very critical as any more negative anomalies will reflect badly on the next year’s drinking water availability in the region.

Chennai Weather is expected to be dry with clear skies making it an uncomfortable day to go out during the afternoons.  Night time time temperatures could settle around 24 degrees giving the early mornings a late December feel.