Delta areas of Tamil Nadu gets moderate rains

In continuing with the trend of convective thunderstorms picking up over Tamil Nadu yesterday saw rains lash many parts of Central Coastal Tamil Nadu with delta districts the biggest beneficiaries of yesterday’s rains.  While we come a little later to the rains part, now something on the heat front.  Once again a trend which has been continuing for the past few days abnormally hot days over most parts of Tamil Nadu,  Madurai recorded the first 40°C in almost a fortnight over Tamil Nadu yesterday as temperatures once again stayed high.  Today is also expected to be fairly hot day across Tamil Nadu with temperatures staying well above normal.

In what could go some way in improving the ground water situation over the delta districts of Tamil Nadu last evening saw many places in the districts of Thanjavur, Nagappattinam, Tiruvarur along with the adjoining parts of Karaikal in Puduchery get moderate thunderstorms.  Preliminary rainfall data indicate Kudavasal in Tiruvarur district  has recorded about 4 cms while Kollidam in nearby Nagappattinam district recording 34 mm rains.

Models indicate things look good for the convective thunderstorms to continue in parts of Tamil Nadu today as well with once again places along the coast well placed to receive these rains.  While models indicate another possibly active day around the delta region we need to see if the good overnight rains change the equations today in terms of the probability of convective thunderstorms developing.

Models do indicate some parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu to also benefit from convective thunderstorms today though it appears areas to the Southwest of Chennai could benefit more nevertheless it could be an interesting day to track the evening thunderstorms.

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