Deep Depression to intensify into Cyclone in Arabian Sea

The much awaited Northeast Monsoon has officially set in with IMD announcing the onset yesterday.  While the city missed out on the Onset day rains, the South & southwest suburbs got moderate rains with Tambaram recording 7 cm and Chembarambakkam recording 5 cm rains

The Deep Depression over Arabian Sea is expected to intensify into a Cyclone in Arabian Sea.  According to the latest update from Joint Typhoon Warning Centre  it has already  become a Tropical Cyclone though under IMD classification it is currently still a Deep Depression.  This Cyclone in Arabian Sea as things stand is expected to track in a West / Northwesterly direction heading towards the Middle East / Horn of Africa

Northeast Monsoon Update: Northeast Monsoon has set in over South India with the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu expected to receive spells of on and off rains.  With the low pressure off Sri Lanka not making the expected move towards Tamil Nadu in a Northwesterly direction the expected widespread rains for Coastal Tamil Nadu did not materialize.

As things stand we could see moderate rains over the coastal region with one or two places getting heavy spells of rains. The rains are expected to be heavier in South TN with one or two places in the coastal stretch between Vedaranyam to Thootukudi expected to receive heavy rains.  Ramanathapuram district could see isolated places with spells of very heavy rains.

North Coastal TN could see moderate rains in a few places but could possibly be affected by weak trade winds preventing the thunderstorms reaching the coast from the Sea developing under Easterly effect.

Chennai Weather Update Few areas could see the day break with passing showers under the influence of moisture pushed by Easterly winds.  There is a fair chance of a moderate spell of rain hitting parts of the city around 8 / 9 AM though with trade winds fairly weak around Chennai we could see a case of so near yet so far also.