COMK Solar Eclipse Special

Weather Update

In less than a week’s time many parts of India will witness annular solar eclipse or Total Solar Eclipse after nearly 10 years. While 2009 saw parts of Central India witness total solar eclipse, January 2010 saw parts of South India witness total solar eclipse. On 26th December 2019 once again parts of South India will witness Total Solar Eclipse during the morning hours.

Parts of Karntaka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu will witness total solar eclipse ranging from few seconds to more than 3 minutes. Keeping in mind the eclipse is happening during the period of Christmas vacation COMK has given a chart of places that are likely to see longest periods of total eclipse along with likely eclipse pattern for some key places too.

In this context it also makes sense to look at possible interference from Clouds which could spoil the eclipse spectacle. While it is tough to exactly predict the possible cloud pattern for the day we have tried to give a map of likely Risk Zones based on expected cloud pattern taking into account moisture & wind charts provided by weather models. This is to give you a headstart on what could be expected for the day. It appears though the East Coast could offer a stunning back drop of ocean while the eclipse happens possible rains & high cloud cover risk is likely to be a threat always.

With regard to places in the Western Ghats like Madikeri, Ooty, Wayanad etc please keep in mind the location of the mountain & Valley will decide how effectively we could view the eclipse even though the altitude could give a great advantage over the plains.

A few COMK recommended list of places in The Nilgiris where the Total Solar Eclipse are listed below. While East facing Mountain valleys provide vantage points for viewing the Eclipse a few places do indeed stand out. Mettupalayam View point on the Mettupalayam – Kotagiri Road, Lambs Rock near Burliar are some of the East Opening places at lower altitudes of Nilgiris. But two extremely good locations could be further up the altitude near Coonoor & Kodanad.

Dolphins Nose View Poin Near Coonoor

Kodanad View Point 


At the end of the day Nature will decide if we are to witness the solar eclipse in full glory or not which ever place you chose go with an open mind and enjoy the spectacle.