COMK NEM 2019 Outlook

Weather Update

As the days pass by during October there is an excitement not only among the weather bloggers of Chennai but also among a vast majority of the common public of Tamil Nadu including the agriculturists. Its time for Northeast Monsoon the lifeline of the state. Ever since this blog came into being 5 years back we have tried to provide a simple reference to what is expected of NEM for the year.

Keeping in mind we are no experts and are bound to go wrong many a time request all our well wishers to keep the following caveats in mind while going through the Outlook

  • This outlook is a rough expectation according to us on what to expect over the next 60 – 75 days or so.
  • The behavior of strong Positive IOD currently prevailing has been a thorn in the flesh for many seasoned weather experts so there is a fair chance it could throw our outlook also off guard though we are confident of a very good NEM 2019

Here is Hoping Northeast Monsoon Season 2019 ends the year on a positive note giving bountiful of rains for the farmers. Don’t forget to get your Rainwater Harvesting System working.