Comfortable Day ahead in Chennai, Isolated rains in Coastal TN

Many areas of Chennai received midnight / early morning showers making it a very pleasant day break for the city.  Like yesterday passing showers has been the order today as well at the time of sunrise.  While most places have received light rains, Taramani, recorded 17 mm rains till morning with Anna University recording 10 mm rains.  In an indication of the evolving weather pattern that could set the tone for the coming days until weekend we saw the rains develop during late in the night without much convection trigger.  The thunderstorms intensified as the reached closer to the sea.


Things are expected to easy today as well in the temperature front as Chennai possibly is going to see pleasant conditions during the early part of the day and as day progresses with the skies clearing a bit we can see comfortable temperatures around 32 / 33 degrees for Chennai well below normal temperature for this time of the year.  Most parts of Tamil Nadu are likely to see normal or below normal temperatures with the maximum temperature staying around 35 / 36 degrees in a few places.  No visible hot conditions are likely to happen today even in the interior parts of the state as well.


While the last week saw convective activity provide rainfall to Tamil Nadu, yesterday saw the absence of any thunderstorms in and around the Southern parts of Peninsular India as pretty much stable conditions set the tone for the day.  Today also we could possibly see lesser thunderstorm activity during the day while rains could happen later in the evening and after midnight particularly around the Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu.

With partly cloudy skies not much of trigger available on account of convective energy the possibility of “Heat Induced Convective Thunderstorms” look lesser but thanks to good moisture available at all levels and the presence of marginal synoptic activity in the form of a weak circulation in Bay midnight rains are a firm possibility.