Cold Weather in Tamil Nadu (N.W.Interior) to continue

With Dry Weather in Tamil Nadu continuing over the last couple of fortnights the interior places of Tamil Nadu particularly around the Western Ghats region and the areas leading to the Deccan Plateau have been seeing fairly cold weather conditions. Quite a few places in Dharmapuri, Vellore & Krishnagiri districts have been seeing the night time minimum temperatures drop to around 15°C regularly with Tirupathur seeing 13.5° a couple of days back.

Blame it on El Nino or the absence of strong Western Disturbances this year so far most of India has been been fairly warm with pretty much winter taking a backseat so far.  This year also has seen lesser snowfall over the Kashmir region due to the absence of strong WD.  Keeping with this trend the next few days could see mostly above average temperatures over Central India & North India while thanks to the ongoing WD parts of Kashmir & Himachal could see lesser than normal temperatures.16_1_1

Over the next few days thanks to a developing Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation and a dipping Upper Air Trough parts of Central India & East India would be under the influence of a Wind Convergence this could potentially bring some moderate rainfall to these regions.  Depending on how South this confluence moves parts of South India also could be in line for some moderate thunderstorms early next week.



Most parts of Peninsular India is going to see pretty much moderate climate today with a pleasant day across the region except for extremely isolated pockets in West Coast which could see temperatures inch closer to 35°C.  Day time Weather in Tamil Nadu will continue to be moderate with the coastal regions enjoying the effect of Easterlies keeping the temperature under check. The High ranges of the Western Ghats will have wonderful day in terms of weather with most places being around 20°C with one or two places in Nilgiris not even reaching up to 20°C


Night time temperatures in the region will continue to be cold across the Deccan Plateau areas where the temperatures are expected to dip to about 15°C.  The Hill stations of Tamil Nadu could see the night time temperatures dip to a very cold less than 10°C at one or two places.

Chennai will continue to see a fairly pleasant day time weather with temperatures hovering around 30°C while the minimum could dip to about 20°C.  The suburbs though could see a cooler weather with most Western & Southern suburbs recording sub 19°C temperatures.