Cold Wave Conditions likely over North India

So far the winter in North India has been mostly par for course with above normal temperatures prevailing for a majority of the period.  2015-16 winter was also fairly warmer than normal thanks to the then prevailing El Nino conditions in the atmosphere.  In what could be the first serious cold wave to grip North India the next couple of days are likely to see cold wave conditions prevail for the next 72 hours or so until possibly Makar Sankranthi day with temperatures likely to stay well below normal.

Most parts of Northern Plains are likely to see the minimum temperatures fall by 2 – 4 degrees or so below normal over the next few days.  A few places are likely to see severe cold wave conditions around this period with temperatures expected to stay close to 0 degrees or in some cases parts of Rajasthan / Punjab could see temperatures dip below freezing point at isolated places as well.

With practically co cloud cover things are expected to become extremely cold in the region with places like Delhi likely to see minimum temperatures in the region of 5 – 6 degrees while slightly up north Amritsar could possibly see temperatures in the region of 0 – 1 degree celsius.

Down South Peninsular India is likely to see above average temperature trend continue in the interior places while some parts of Coastal TN around the delta region could see below normal temperatures.  Parts of the Western Ghats near Nilgiris and Kodaikanal could see night time minimum temperatures stay about 2 degrees or so below normal.

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