Cold Wave Conditions in North India set to Ease

Cold wave Conditions in North India has been pushing down the minimum temperatures to near freezing levels over the region.  Many places in the Gangetic Plains are seeing night time temperatures in Sub 5°C over the last few days. Kargil saw a minimum temperature of -16.6°C on 24th which is the lowest so far this season there.

In the absence of any precipitation the dry weather has aggravated the cold conditions.  Aided by clear skies with pretty much no ground heat radiation the temperatures have dipped to extreme lows at most places of North India.  With an expected incoming Western Disturbance, currently over Afghanistan, there is some chance of rains in Kashmir starting from today which could possibly bring the cold spell to an end in the extreme Northwest India.

As one can observe from the temperature anomaly chart for 28th January we can see parts of Rajasthan, Haryana & Punjab set to get back to above average temperatures with some places going as high as 4-5°C above normal day time temperature.  This trend is set to continue until end of January with mostly above average temperatures seen across the Indian Sub Continent except for isolated pockets in the high reaches of Himalayan Region which is expected to see near normal or slightly below normal temperatures.

Peninsular India will continue to see slightly warmer than normal conditions though things are expected to be better than last week.  With clearer skies expected over the course of the week the night time temperatures are expected to reduce and bring in cooler nights & fairly pleasant early mornings.  The last 2 days has seen lower night time temperatures in the IMD Automatic Weather Station at Nungambakkam