Abnormally Cold Conditions over parts of North & Central India

Weather Update

The Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice happened last Sunday indicating the start of the astronomical winter over Northern Hemisphere. On this day the Earth’s Northern Pole is tilted the furthest away from Sun. It is until the Vernal Equinox, around March 20th, the astronomical winter season prevails over the Northern Hemisphere.

Looking at the Weather charts it is fairly obvious things are fairly clear over the Indian Sub Continent with temperatures the only major talking point for the next day or two. Temperature charts indicate night time temperatures over most parts of North & Central India to stay a few degrees below normal for the next couple of days. Few places could see temperatures dip near freezing or sub zero levels over Northern Rajasthan & adjoining parts of Haryana & Punjab.

If one looks slightly further on a larger scale one can see a fairly strong Western Disturbance is expected to move in over Indian Sub Continent early next week. This could put a stop over the abnormally cold conditions over these areas. Additionally it is something which weather bloggers of Chennai may keep close eye on due to the extraordinary dip seen in the trough. Dipping deep into South India a possible interplay between the Mid Latitude Trough & the incoming moderate Easterly wave along the Equatorial waters of Bay could possibly make it a rainy welcome to 2020. More on it in the coming days as things firm up.