Coastal Tamil Nadu Rains to continue Today as well

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With an Active Northeast Monsoon phase in coastal Tamil Nadu rains are expected to continue over many places in the region.  Yesterday saw Kollidam in Nagappatinam district record 10 cms rains till 4:30 in the morning while Chidambaram recorded close to 9 cms during the same period.


Northeast Monsoon Update: The trough off Sri Lanka and the trough near Andaman have now merged into one and now lies East / Southeast of Sri Lanka.  This is expected to move towards Sri Lankan coast over the next 24 hours or so and possibly move in a NW direction as well.  Under the influence of this trough in Coastal Tamil Nadu Rains are expected to continue today as well.  Along with Coastal Tamil Nadu we could see parts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh as well get some heavy rains today.  The heaviest rains are likely to happen between Nellore and Pondicherry.

The models are expecting this trough to stay around Coastal Tamil Nadu for the next couple of days which could possibly influence our rainfall prospects over the next few days.  But it appears we could see the rains slow down over Coastal Tamil Nadu possibly from tomorrow and the rains move to the interior places from tomorrow mid day possibly.  We will continue to watch the evolving situation and provide updates as and when we could.

Chennai could see cloudy day today with few spells of rains at times heavy spells are likely. As of now flooding risk does not arise but water logging issues could come up as the day progresses.