Coastal Tamil Nadu gets Respite. Interiors to see temperatures ease too

The Heatwave conditions that gripped major parts of Tamil Nadu is slowly relaxing its grip as the coastal parts of the state enjoyed a much more moderate day yesterday while many interior places also saw some reduction in day time maximum temperatures.  Chennai AP pretty much signified the improvement yesterday with a day time max of 38.6 almost 4 degree reduction compared to Monday.

As one can see from the temperature anomaly charts the dark reds signifying more than 3 degrees abnormal increase is slowly fading away from Tamil Nadu with only pockets of South TN seeing a higher day time abnormality.  Large swathes of the state is likely to see 1 to 3 degrees higher than normal with the coastal areas seeing temperatures pretty much close to normal or marginally normal.

The temperature charts also pretty much confirm the respite Coastal Tamil Nadu is likely to enjoy due to the return back of Southerlies and stronger Easterlies / Sea Breeze which went missing under the influence of Cyclone Maarutha.  Coastal Areas like Chennai could see temperatures in the region of 35 /36°C though the Chennai airport observatory could possibly see a degree or two higher temperatures due to localized factors.

While there will be no immediate respite for interior places of Tamil Nadu like coastal areas temperatures will slightly ease in interiors as well.  We can expect most interior places to see the temperatures ease by about a degree or so compared to the peak of Sunday & Monday.

Due to the presence of North South trough over Peninsular India places along the Western Ghats are likely to see isolated thunderstorms develop later in the afternoon.  In particular there is a fair chance for one or two places in the Nilgiris district get heavy spells of rains in the evening while south interior Karnataka is also likely to get some spells of mango showers.  North Coastal AP & Odisha coast is likely to see some thunderstorms due to the confluence of Westerlies and Southerlies with possibly one or two Norwesters on its way towards Odisha.

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