Cloudy Skies to spoil Eclipse Viewing

Weather Update

Today India will be witnessing the last annular solar eclipse of the decade with partial viewing possible unlike the earlier solar eclipse in December 2019 which saw parts of the country including many places in Tamil Nadu seeing the annular phase of of the eclipse. The last eclipse came on December 26th during the fag end of Northeast Monsoon which turned out to be a blessing in disguise with most places including Chennai saw clouds not playing spoilsport.

This time around though with Southwest Monsoon covering nearly 2/3rd area of the Indian Sub Continent the viewing spectacle is likely to be affected with cloudy skies likely over many places in Peninsular India. With Chennai seeing thunderstorms last night in a few places, remnant clouding along with moisture incursion from the West Coast means most parts of the day is likely to see cloudy skies affecting the viewing of eclipse though with some luck at times we can catch up the phenomenon through the clouds.

While this might turn out to be disappointment the good news is as has been the case for the past few days it is likely to also provide us some chance for thunderstorms later in the evening. Models indicate once again a fair chance due to wind convergence parts of South AP & North TN to see late evening thunderstorms with one or two places around Chennai catching up a heavy spell. It appears to be that places in South Chennai & southern suburbs could benefit more today evening.