Cloudy Morning & Early Sea Breeze to check Chennai Temperature

The first day of June saw Chennai Temperature touch 39 degrees at both the observatories, Nungambakkam & Airport, which was about a degree or so higher than normal.  Tiruttani was the hottest place in the state at 41.5 degrees while Vellore was the only other place to cross 40 degrees yesterday.  But fortunately thanks to the evening thunderstorms the temperatures came down around most parts of Vellore & Tiruvallur districts.

Thanks to the remnant thunderstorms lingering around the region it has been a cloudy start today with  Chennai Temperature hovering around a degree or so lesser compared to yesterday.   The humidity though is fairly high under the cloudy skies as always.

Models are indicating a possible early sea breeze day which is likely to keep Chennai Temperature under check along with the cloudy skies early in the morning.  Temperature are expected to be around 36 / 37 today well below yesterday’s 39 degrees.  Models are indicating the sea breeze to move in a NNW direction which is likely to influence possible thunderstorm development  to the West of the city as the wind directions at surface level and upper levels seem to indicate a weak day in terms of thunderstorm developments.


Under the influence of the UAC near Lakshadweep we are likely to see heavy rains in one or two places of Kerala particularly around the Central region along with parts of South Interior Karnataka around the Malnad region.  We could possibly see the high lands of South Interior Karnataka lashed by heavy pre monsoon rains.  Parts of West Interior Tamil Nadu around Dharmapuri / Krishnagiri districts along with one or two places in Vellore district bordering the Rayalaseema region fo Andhra Pradesh.  Some parts of Central Tamil Nadu and Interior South Tamil Nadu could also see isolated thunderstorms.