Cloudy Conditions expected to continue in Chennai with drizzly morning likely

The last couple of days have seen cloudy conditions prevail over Chennai and other parts of North Tamil Nadu under the influence of the Low Pressure Area that has developed off the North Andhra Pradesh Coast.  Thanks to the cloudy conditions the day time temperature has been staying around 30 degrees right through the day making it a fairly comfortable during day time.  Both the days have seen the maximum temperature in Chennai stay about 3 degrees below normal.


The trend of cloudy conditions over North Tamil Nadu is likely to continue today as well with mid level winds still prevailing as Easterlies bringing in some moisture over the region.  South Tamil Nadu could see more clearer skies leading to the hotter day time conditions and consequently some parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu between Nagappattinam to Ramanathapuram could see isolated convective activity.  North Coastal Tamil Nadu is unlikely to see any major sea breeze activity consequent to the cloudy conditions that is expected to prevail over the region.


Chennai could see some isolated passing showers in a few areas early in the morning under the influence of mid level winds bringing in a more Northeast Monsoon type of weather.  Unfortunately these rains are not expected to be intense and are unlikely to continue for longer period to provide meaningful impact.  Parts of Telengana & Vidharba are likely to see heavy rains in a few places as the Low Pressure system starts to move over Peninsular India on its towards the West Coast where the weekend promises to be an extremely wet one going by the models.