Chennai Weather – Warm Weekend on the cards

Last evening saw a few ares of Chennai receive isolated spells of rains, these rains were concentrated closer to the coast with places like Adyar, Parrys, Ennore & Taramani receiving the rains.  Except for rains in a few places over North TN and extreme South TN along the Western Ghats it was overall a fairly uneventful day for most parts of TN

Southwest Monsoon Update: Aided by the East West Shear Zone that now practically runs all the way from West Pacific to the Arabian Peninsula creating localized vortices at various locations and the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation over West Bay Southwest Monsoon continues to be active over parts of Peninsular India and few areas of East India.


The UAC over West Bay is expected to trigger a Low Pressure Area off Odisha / AP coast within a day or two.  Under its influence Central India could enjoy another round of Monsoon revival in the days to come.


The areas under the influence of East West shear zone could experience good spells of rains with parts of Maharasthra, Chhatisgarh, Odisha getting isolated heavy spells of rains.  Parts of West MP & Gujarat could also get some rains under wind convergence thanks to the shear zone.

As far as Southern Peninsula is concerned the rains bands are following the UAC & East West Shear Zone, consequently the rains have now shifted to the Northern edge of Peninsular India with parts of North Karnataka, Telengana & North Coastal AP expected to enjoy another day of good rains.  Except for isolated rains in a few places Rest of Peninsular India excluding the West Coast could have a warm dry day ahead.


Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Partly cloudy skies over most parts of North TN while South TN could enjoy a fairly clear day with temperatures expected to be around 36°C in the plains of North TN and about 38°C in the plains of South TN.  Extreme South TN along the Western ghats could receive a spell or two of rains while North TN could see extremely isolated thunderstorm activity in the evening.

Chennai Weather Update: Warm day ahead with day time temperature touching around 36°C.  Early morning could be fairly pleasant with some partly cloudy skies, temperatures expected to increase as the skies clear.  Less chance of rains though one or two areas could receive passing showers late in the evening.