Chennai Weather – Warm day with possible Midnight Rains

Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam wishes all Weather Bloggers a Happy Independence Day.  Chennai has been going through a dry patch for the last couple of days with most parts of Tamil Nadu also suffering similar fate.  This could potentially change if the Upper Air disturbance develops over South West Bay this weekend

Southwest Monsoon Update: The Monsoon axis is now firmly along the foothills of Himalayas with the SE tilt also now evening out with the Low Pressure moving over to UP / MP region.   The low pressure continues to provide rains over many places of Central India & is expected to provide some more rains over the next couple of days.  In the meanwhile thanks to some decent moisture push by the Cross Equatorial lower level winds West Coast particularly around South Karnataka has been receiving some much needed rains.   While Konkan continues to miss out this weekend could see some rains head in that direction as well

Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Warm day ahead for most parts of Tamil Nadu with places in North TN touching 37°C and few places in South TN crossing 38°C.  Some isolated thunderstorms might provide rains over few interior places of North TN while North Coastal TN could receive some spells of light / moderate rains around late night or early Sunday Morning

Chennai Weather Update: Hot & Humid day ahead with temperature around 37°C.  Possible spells of rains late in the night or early Sunday Morning.