Chennai Weather – Warm Day, Possible Rains in the evening

Chennai saw another day where both City and Airport Observatories record High 38 Degrees yesterday.  It was another day of late sea breeze which set in around 5:30 in the evening.  The saving grace was fairly strong sea breeze which brought down the temperature drastically in a matter of less than an hour.

The depression in West India is expected to become a Well Marked Low and is currently lying along the Rajasthan / MP border and is expected to move in a NE direction towards the Gangetic Plains.  In what is certainly the best thing to happen to the monsoon this year the onset of Monsoon has been literally dragged by its collar by this disturbance across North India and the entire country is expected to be covered before end of this week which possibly would be one of the fastest onsets in recent time considering the Monsoon Onset Over Kerala happened a good 5 days behind schedule.

The next couple of days could see many parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & almost most of North India get some good rains as the incoming Western Disturbance could possibly interact with the Monsoonal Low and provide rains over Central & North India.  The low pressure that has evolved from the Monsoonal trough in East India is expected to give heavy rains most of East India.  Over the next couple of days Northeast India is expected to once again get heavy rainfall.  Kolkata is forecasted to get heavy rains today / tomorrow.


Weather_mapChennai Weather Update: It is expected to see another warm day today with temperatures expected to be around 37 Degrees. The day is expected to see partly cloudy skies which could result in uncomfortable conditions due the higher than normal humidity. The Delta region could see slightly hotter day at around 38 / 39 Degrees.

North Coastal Tamil Nadu could possibly see some evening thunderstorms which could provide some rains to places in and around Chennai.   As with thunderstorms triggered by convection and during Southwest Monsoon the exact movement & impact areas can be judged after the formation of thunderstorms.  Be assured COMK will continue to update you as things evolve.