Chennai Weather Update – Another fairly clear day

Reading Time: 2 minutes

For the first time in almost a week no place within the city and the immediate vicinity of Chennai received rains yesterday indicating the dryness in Chennai Weather under the influence of the High Pressure Zone.  This was a huge relief to not only the people of Chennai but to all those who are involved in the relief efforts to bring the city back to Normal.

Northeast Monsoon Update: Under the influence of the troughs on either side of Peninsular India most parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu will continue to get rains with most of the rains expected to be to the South of Pondicherry.  Pondcy, Cuddalore  & delta regions will continue to get rains today as well with one or two places getting heavy rains in this region.  Around early morning tomorrow there could be spells of light to moderate rains in one or two places North of Pondy latitude particularly around Mahbalipuram region.


Similarly many areas of South TN could also get rains today with one or two places in Kanyakumari & Tirunelveli districts getting fairly heavy rains at times.   One or two places in the interior region could see rains today though as things stand it may not be widespread. It is unlikely both the troughs are going to evolve into anything meaningful and going by Model estimates as this week winds up most parts of Peninsular India could take a break from rains.

Chennai Weather Update: Another fairly clear day expected for Chennai with mostly the rains staying away from the city.  Expect day time temperature to stay around 30°C with partly cloudy skies.  Towards early morning tomorrow there could be spells of light rains in one or two areas, with the probability of rains higher around the coastal areas and South suburbs like OMR / ECR etc.   These rains are going to be light to moderate spells and mostly passing showers and are not going to be heavy enough to create flooding issues