Chennai Weather – Southwest Monsoon active over North TN

Chennai and surrounding areas received widespread rains last evening as well with areas in South Chennai receiving very heavy rains.  Anna University received about 30 mm rains last evening.

Southwest Monsoon continues to be driven in Central India by an active monsoon trough supported by the UAC over Central India which could potentially develop into a Land Low in the next couple of days depending on the possible development of an UAC over North Bay.  Central India & West coast along Gujarat & Konkan will continue to receive heavy rains.

The monsoon continues to be active over South Karnataka up to Central Kerala. Thanks to this active phase over the West Peninsular coast there is a lot of moisture incursion happening across the Peninsular India providing conducive environment for convective thunderstorms developing over Interior places aiding in some wide spread thunderstorms over most areas of North Tamil Nadu.

Chennai Weather Update:  Partly cloudy day on the cards with temperature around 36°C .  Though the temperature would be comfortable high humidity could create an uncomfortable feeling.  Evening thunderstorms likely over a few areas of North TN which could potentially give some good rains over coastal areas particularly south of Chennai.