Chennai Weather – Rainy days to slow down

The string of rainy days that blessed Chennai Weather over the last week or so created squally conditions last evening over Western & Northern suburbs with few areas seeing uprooted trees & heavy spells of sharp showers for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Southwest Monsoon Update The Deep Depression over Rajasthan has been giving heavy rainfall over Gujarat & Rajasthan for the last couple of days.  Defying odds this land depression intensified over the last few days but is now expected to come to the end of its life cycle in the next day or two as it moves slightly to the North making its moisture feed lesser.  At the other end of the Monsoon trough the Deep Depression has moved completely into North Bay and is now expected to move in a NNW direction towards Myanmar / Bangladesh coast and subsequently weaken to start its journey back towards the Monsoon trough which could revive it again as a land based depression once again. The offshore trough over West Coast is expected to strengthen once the Depression over Rajasthan weakens thereby bringing in rainfall opportunities over Peninsular West Coast in a day or two.

Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Warm day on the cards for most parts of Tamil Nadu with temperatures around 37° / 38°C in many places of North Coastal TN.  As both the depressions have moved slightly North most of peninsular India is now not in the direct impact of moisture incursion from the Depression over North Bay which would show up in reduced thunderstorm possibilities over most parts of Tamil Nadu.  This is also partially the reason for the increase in temperatures expected on account of reduced cloud cover & reduced upper level moisture.

Chennai Weather Update:  Partly cloudy skies expected with temperatures potentially touching close to 38°C.  Isolated rains may be possible in a few areas in the evening as a few thunderstorms are expected to form in the interior region of Tamil Nadu.